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Grampians Peaks Trail Guided Walks

A multi-staged traverse of the entire Grampians range. Supported hiker camps or luxurious accommodation and pack free walking?
Either way, we have you covered. 

The Grampians Peaks Trail (GPT) is Victoria's newest, and longest iconic walk. Traversing the entire length of the Grampians, this epic trail will lead you on a 160km journey through a wide variety of environments and conditions.

Our friends at the Grampians Peaks Walking Company take a staged approach to this iconic walk which gives you the opportunity to break it down into smaller journeys, each with its own character.

Whether you're keen to hike and camp along the trail in supported campsites or take up our Luxe option with boutique off-trail accommodation, allowing you to enjoy your days walking pack free.

Why choose the Grampians Peaks Walking Company?


  • Owned and operated in the heart of Grampians

  • Highly experienced local guides

  • Fully inclusive packages

  • Licensed and insured operator

You may have a lot of questions, don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss any of our adventures.

Guided Walks

The Grampians Peaks Trail can be a big undertaking on your own. Our friends at the Grampians Peaks Walking Company offer a range of guided walks, both journey based (staying at hiker camps) and "luxe" programs (staying in off trail boutique accomodation).

All programs are led by expert local guides and catered with fantastic, fresh, local produce giving you a complete Grampians experience.

GPT Expeditions

Journey the full length of the Grampians Peaks Trail over its 3 main stages. Broken down into North, Central and South, the GPT becomes much more digestible over 4-5 days at a time


Each of these guided stages connects into the next allowing you to walk every step of the GPT over a number of shorter visits. Want to take on all 13 days at once? Just book each stage back to back!

Resting on a tent platform at Bugiga Cam
GPT Expeditons
Grampians Luxe
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Grampians Luxe

Walking holidays don't need to be uncomfortable. Our top tier Luxe itineraries will have you walking the same adventurous trails during the day until a short drive brings you back to the comfort of our boutique private accommodation. Hot showers, crisp linen, local wine and an unparalleled menu. Experience every aspect of the Grampians.

Specific Accessibility Needs


While the Grampians Peaks Trail in its entirety is not suitable for

wheelchair access, there are a number of day walk sections that

can be accessed through use of the TrailRider all-terrain wheelchair

and volunteersParks Victoria has two TrailRiders available for

visitors to the Grampians and both of these chairs are fitted with

electric motors to assist operators on steeper sections of track.

Passengers must wear a helmet.

The TrailRider all-terrain wheelchair and Volunteer service is

free of charge, however, please book a week in advance.  To book the TrailRider please contact the

Parks Victoria Volunteer Coordinator on (03) 8427 3541 or

Vision and other needs:

Assistance dogs are welcome in Parks Victoria parks and reserves. Entry requirements apply for parks and reserves that are usually dog prohibited, such as the Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park.

For any other access needs, feel free to call and speak to our team about what you need for us to help you explore and connect with the Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park.

Get in touch! We're here to help.

Come and visit us in the Grampians any time! Or get in touch however you like via the contact us page.

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