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Resting on a tent platform at Bugiga Cam

Grampians Hire

Visiting the Grampians and don't have all the toys you need? We have a large range of rental gear that can fill the gaps and get you out to play!

Planning a hike? Don't have all the gear you need? From tents, stoves, packs, sleeping bags and even baby carriers - our friends at the Grampians Peaks Walking Co have got you covered.

Bouldering in the Grampians? We have a range of crash pads in various sizes, so if you don't have a pad or you need an extra for the weekend - We've got you covered.

Why hire and not buy?

  • Much cheaper for occasional use

  • Top-quality equipment

  • Try before you buy

  • Leave the maintenance to the experts!

Make sure you book your hire equipment well in advance to make sure we have what you need. As always, any questions just get in touch!

Hiking Equipment

Hiking Equipment

Hiking equipment can be expensive to invest in, particularly if you may only use it for a specific trip. Our friends at the Grampians Peaks Walking Co have a range of tents, stoves, backpacks and safety equipment like PLBs and satellite phones for hire. Browse, book and pick up when you arrive. It couldn't be simpler.

Hiking with bub? We even have you covered with a child carrier backpack!

Thinking of making a purchase? Check out our online gear shop, buy online and pick up in-store!

Bouldering Crash Pad

Bouldering in the Grampians? Rent a crash pad! If you don't have one or need a second for a little extra padding - we've got you covered with our range of pads.

Save room in the car, save money in your wallet - whatever your reason, renting a crash pad is a good idea. And we're here to help! Available with or without the Grampians Bouldering guide book.

Crash Pad

Get in touch! We're here to help.

Come and visit us in the Grampians any time! Or get in touch however you like via the contact us page.

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