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Alpine Adventures

Delicate. Harsh. Unpredictable. Absolutely Stunning. Victoria's alpine environment is as complex as it is alluring and we'll take you there any time of year.

Dominating the north east of our state is Mount Bogong, Victoria's highest peak and the most prominent in Australia. Next highest is Mount Feathertop, the most beautiful snow covered peak in the country. Between them is a high alpine plateau stretching out and littered with historic alpine huts and refuges. 


All 3 of these locations offer fantastic walking in summer as well as incredible adventure opportunities in winter for those willing to brave the cold.


Explore our range of alpine adventures below. There's something for everyone from the first timer to the seasoned expeditioner! 

Why choose us for your alpine adventure?


  • ​Impeccable safety record

  • Highly experienced guides

  • Licensed and insured operator

  • Complete packaged experiences

You may have a lot of questions, don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss any of our adventures.

Bogong 22-23 July-31.jpg

Mt Feathertop - Razorback Snowshoe

An introductory snow hike across Victoria's most iconic ridgeline.

Location: Alpine National Park
Activity: Snowshoe
Duration: 2 days, 2 nights
Main lodging: Tented camp on snow
Difficulty: Intermediate
Comfort level: 'Expedition camping'
Razorback Snowshoe

Mt Feathertop - Winter Climb

An ascent style trip that will teach you the basic winter skills needed to climb Victoria's most stunning winter peak.

Location: Alpine National Park
Activity: Winter climb
Duration: 2 days, 2 nights
Main lodging: Tented camp on snow
Difficulty: Advanced
Comfort level: 'Expedition camping'
Mt Feathertop Winter Climb
Epic Alpine Crossing
Bogong winter-7648.jpg

Epic Alpine Crossing

This expedition will push your boundaries from Mount Bogong all the way to Mount Feathertop - and every step of the way in between. The faint-hearted need not apply.

Location: Alpine National Park
Activity: Snowshoe
Duration: 8 days, 7 nights
Main lodging: Tented camp on snow
Difficulty: Extreme
Comfort level: 'Think of the glory'

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