Mt Feathertop winter panorama.jpeg

Mt Feathertop Winter Climb

Victoria's most spectacular peak - learn the skills required to climb to her summit in winter.
Expedition Snapshot


Main lodging:
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Alpine National Park
Winter climb
2 days, 2 nights
Tented camp on snow
'Expedition camping'
Nearing Feathertop's Summit.JPG
Nearing Feathertop's Summit.JPG

Feathertop's snow capped summit.JPG
Feathertop's snow capped summit.JPG

Federation Hut in winter
Federation Hut in winter

Nearing Feathertop's Summit.JPG
Nearing Feathertop's Summit.JPG

Expedition Overview


Mount Feathertop is the most spectacular winter peak in Victoria and arguably in Australia. It's long, sharp ridgeline running north to south, creates steep faces to the east and west - the perfect structure to capture weather systems. Large snowfalls over winter and prevailing westerlies create an accumulation of snow in the form of large cornices along its summit ridges, giving them a feather-like shape - hence the name!

This expedition is designed to introduce you to the basic alpine travel stills required to safely climb to the summit during winter. We'll learn how to walk in crampons, how to hold and use an ice axe as well as arrest a fall, should it occur.


If you're a fit, keen hiker and always wanted to try your hand at a steep snow-covered peak​​ and learn the necessary skills along the way - this trip is for you!

Expedition Details

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