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Top things to do while visiting the Grampians

Emma reaching for a nice hold as she rock climbs on some spectacular orange Grampians rock

There is an endless amount of adventure and activities to do while you're visiting the Grampians - or Gariwerd as it is traditionally known.

Gariwerd is home to big nature and big adventure - both have exciting options for people of all ages, abilities and experience levels.

If you're up for a little bit of excitement, of course we recommend one of our rock climbing or abseiling tours, or if you're looking to relax a little and learn about the environment on one of our pristine lakes perhaps a guided canoe tour is more your style.

If you're heading to Halls Gap, make sure you head to the Visitors Info Centre to find out whats happening and get access information for a range of free things to do in the national park.

Another must do stop is Brambuk - the Nationals Park and Cultural Information Centre to find out all about the National Park, its history and the living culture of this landscape.

If you're keen to tackle a section of the new Grampians Peaks Trail, make sure you go and chat to our friends at the Grampians Peaks Walking Company about transport options and other support services like food drops and gear hire. If you're in town, you can drop in and see them at the GPT Hiker Hub located inside the Halls Gap Information Centre.

There's also lots of other great things to see and do while you're visiting. We love a round of fun for all ages at Grampians Adventure Golf - the locals tip is make sure you stay for cake and coffee and check out the Moco Art Gallery while you're there. Halls Gap Zoo is another not-to-be-missed experience.

In recent years, there has been some amazing developments in food and wine in the Grampians region. For some great advice on where to eat, drink and stay while you're here as well as some other great planning tips and tools, head to the Visit Grampians Website.

View of the Grampians Peaks Trail North from Djardji Djawara Hiker Camp

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