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Outdoor Amusement

Outcomes - WHY?

PREMISE 1: Young people learn quickly when presented with new experiences.


As educators, we know that young people learn quickly when presented with new experiences.  The greater the difference between what is already known and what is being experienced now, the greater the opportunity for learning.  

PREMISE 2: Living out of a tent in unfamiliar settings is always a new experience.


Living out of a tent or lodge, away from the school and the home with members of your school community is likely to be a new experience for all involved, even if individuals or groups have tent camped before as the cohort changes with time.  


CONCLUSION: School camping trips provide opportunities for rapid learning.


School camping trips, therefore, provide significant and extensive opportunities for rapid learning about themselves, their communities and the environment they find themselves in.

When exploring the natural world, there are two things we can learn about - ourselves and the world around us. When planning an outdoor education experience, describing a set of desired outcomes allows us to tailor facilitation and content to maximise the potential for learning and development. Your desired outcomes are not only the goal of the program but also the 'why' it is being undertaken.

Development Outcomes

Adventure activities are an incredible tool for personal and team development. With a purposeful approach, we can work towards your desired outcomes whether it is to develop leadership, teamwork, initiative, communication or confidence.


The great outdoors is the perfect classroom as it provides ample opportunities to learn. Observe nature, have new experiences and put newly acquired knowledge to the test. We can assist in facilitating content that contributes to your curriculum and covers areas such as the environment, indigenous history and culture and sustainability

Once you have your programs desired outcomes defined, the next step is to determine the style or format of your program

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